Louie Season 1 Review

Tonight on FX Network, the Season 2 premiere of one of my favorite new shows Louie airs. So I thought I’d take this time to review season 1.

Louie stars and was created by stand-up comedian Louis C.K., who basically portrays himself on the show. He’s a divorced, stand-up comedian living in New York City with his two young daughters.

Louie’s character is pretty much the whole show. There are no other main characters. There are side characters that pop up from time to time like his single female friend Pamela (Pamela Adlon). We also see glimpses of Louie’s daughters and his buddies. But for the most part it’s all Louie C.K.

I remember the first time I checked this show. I was watching it on television from the very beginning. The episode where Louie chaperone’s his daughter school field trip got me hooked. But as I continued on, I was later turned off by some of the more serious and disturbing episodes the series got into. But a couple of months later I went back and re-watched some of these episodes on Hulu.com. I realized that I missed the point of what they were trying to do. So I came to the decision that Louie was brilliant. Period.

The show works well for many reasons. One is that it is realistic. I believe that most of the storylines are based on real-life experiences that happened to Louis C.K. I think anyone could relate to this character.

It also works because of how simple the plots are. It works perfectly for a comedy show like this. But in addition to all of the great laughs you can get out of this show, the more dark and serious moments that come about later are also very effective.

Fans of Louis C.K.’s stand-up definitely. I think I you’re a fan of anything that he’s done this show is a must-see.

You can now find the entire first season available to watch on Netflix streaming. I highly recommend it. And don’t forget the watch the season 2 premiere tonight, Thursday, June 23, on FX Network.

I give season one of Louie an 8/10.

By: John D’Amico

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