Horrible Bosses Movie Review

The new comedy Horrible Bosses, centers around three men who hate the people they work for. And after enough abuse they make the decision to form a plan to murder them.

Let me just start off by saying that this movie is hilarious. I hoped that it would be funny, but I never expected it to be as funny as it was. I was laughing so hard in theater. It starts off a little slow. But once it got going it had me dying. It‘s probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while.

The film has a large cast which includes Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston, Colin Farrell, and Jaime Foxx. They were all funny, especially Kevin Spacey.

I have a problem with the movie though. As funny as it was, the whole time that I was laughing, I couldn’t help but think about how unbelievable the movie was. Everything that took place, all of the characters actions, and everything that the characters said was just so unrealistic.

Like the way Jennifer Anniston’s character so blatantly harassed Charlie Day’s character. It didn’t seem very real to me.

Also the three main characters just don’t seem like the kind of people who would even seriously consider killing anyone. The genuinely seemed like good people up until that point.

If that kind of thing doesn’t bother you, then you’ll probably love it, but for me, it kept it from being a great comedy. But it’s definitely still a good one.

My rating for the movie is a 7/10.

By: John D’Amico

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2 Comments on “Horrible Bosses Movie Review”

  1. Glad to see you weren’t as harsh on this as most people. Most reviewers have been far too negative on what was overall just a very funny, stupid movie. I feel that with worse actors it would have completely failed, but Bateman and Day really made two fairly ridiculous characters come alive.

  2. wordschat Says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m seeing it Tuesday. Suspension of disbelief is a tricky thing. If I believe the characters within the context of an unbelievable situation then it may work but if you don’t buy the acting or what they are doing then you have to turn off the brain and just go with it and get past it. Sounds like that’s the case here.

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