Moneyball Movie Review

The new film “Moneyball” tells the true story of Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt). Billy Beane has a new plan that he believes will revolutionize the future of baseball. His plan is to build a team of undervalued players based on statistics as opposed to basing on the individual person.

He does this with the help of a young man named Pete (Jonah Hill) who graduated from Yale University with a degree in economics.

Before going I had heard that “Moneyball” is a film that can be appreciated even if you are not that into baseball. As someone who is not a huge baseball fan, I would that definitely agree with that statement. In fact it actually got me pretty interested in the sport.

I really liked this movie. I think it works because it’s not necessarily just a movie about baseball, but about these people. And the film does a good job at making you sympathize with the character of Billy Beane. And Brad Pitt does very good job at playing the part.

I also really liked Jonah Hill in this movie. He did a good at playing a role that’s pretty different than the stuff he usually plays.

The movie is a drama. It has a lot of effective emotional scenes but it has a lot of good comedy in it as well. I wouldn’t really call it a drama-comedy though it just a drama with a decent amount of laughs thrown in.

In addition to the main story the movie has sort of a subplot showing the relationship between Billy Beane and young daughter. This relationship is handled in a very sweet manner.

The whole felt very realistic to me. While I was watching there was never any point where something happened that didn’t seem unbelievable. It kind of felt like I was watching real life play out in front of me.

One problem that I had with the movie was that it started off a little slow. It took a little while to get going for me. But after like the first twenty minutes I started to get more and more into it.

From what can understand the movie stays very accurate to the book it was based on and the real-life story, so people who watch it for that reason shouldn’t be disappointed.

For me “Moneyball” gets an 8/10. It’s worth checking out in theaters. It might even be something that I could see myself buying when it comes out on DVD.

By: John D’Amico

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4 Comments on “Moneyball Movie Review”

  1. hi mate…liked ur blog nd im followin it! ..dnt forget to follow mine too 🙂

  2. wordschat Says:

    Thanks for the review, now that’s three from good movie fans. I’m not one of those that get’s into all the statistics and such of baseball or any sport for that matter so was thinking of passing on this. However your review, a friend’s and Russ’s comment above will have me check it out if it’s still in town Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend in a few days.

  3. Russ Nickel Says:

    As an avid baseball fan (played it all my life), I totally agree that you wouldn’t have to like baseball to see this. I was actually a little disappointed that there was so little baseball in it, but I guess that makes it available to a wider audience. Anyway, good review!

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