Take Shelter Movie Review

“Take Shelter” stars Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Michael Shannon stars as Curtis, a family man and construction-worker. One night his character starts having these nightmares leave him with a feeling of paranoia. He becomes concerned that a terrible storm is coming to his town and will cause serious damage. That’s all I can really say about the plot without giving away anything that the trailers already have.

“Take Shelter” is a very good film. I’m glad I went and checked it out. Shannon and Chastain both deliver great performances. Shannon really gets into his character and does a good job at conveying all of the emotions that the character goes through.

Chastain gives an even better performance as his suffering wife. We really go through everything that her character is feeling.

The movie has an excellent score by composer David Wingo. His music helps you as the audience get into the story.

The film is also beautifully shot by Adam Stone. He captures a lot good shots of the scenery. It all looks very nice.

As good Michael Shannon is here, he has one scene in particular where he really overacts. That’s just one thing that bothered me.

To be completely honest, the ending of the film left me a little confused. I think I understood part of it. But not all of it.

For now I’m giving “Take Shelter” an 8/10. That might change to an 8.5, but I’ll have to think it over.

By: John D’Amico

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3 Comments on “Take Shelter Movie Review”

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  2. […] Take Shelter Movie Review (johnjamesdamico.wordpress.com) […]

  3. thatfellow Says:

    I’m really glad you mentioned David Wingo’s score too. Not many people acknowldege his work for this film. It really does its job. I think I know which Shanno’s scene that bothered you, but for me he’s phenomenal in his role.

    As for the ending, it was really unsettling and just like you I need to think it over. But I really love this film.

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