The Descendants Movie Review

In The Descendants, George Clooney stars as Matt King, a man with two daughters and a wife who is in a coma. He goes through enough stress trying to take care of his daughters, but he loses it when he finds out his wife was cheating on him before she went into a coma.

George Clooney gives a good performance but in my opinion the stand-out performance is Shailene Woodley as his oldest daughter Alexandra. Along with Clooney she plays serious and humorous moments very genuinely.

And Amara Miller plays his youngest daughter Scottie. Her character is mostly there for comedy and she does a good job at making the audience laugh. Newcomer Nick Krause portrays Alexandra’s friend Sid and he’s basically the comedic relief character.

The film has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz and is being hailed by critics as one of the best if not the best movie of the year. And while I did think it was a very good movie, I personally didn’t love it.

If I was voting for the Oscars I would nominate it for Best Adapted Screenplay and I would nominate Shailene Woodley for Best Supporting Actress. But I don’t think I would nominate it for Best Picture and I’m not sure If I would nominate George Clooney for Best Actor.

And don’t get me wrong, it is a very solid film and I am recommending that people go and seek it out, but it just wasn’t amazing. Like I said about Hugo, I doubt this will be one of my favorite movies of 2011.

So I’m going to give The Descendants an 8/10.

By: John D’Amico

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3 Comments on “The Descendants Movie Review”

  1. colincarman Says:

    Shailene Woodley (hard name to remember) is definitely a stand-out!

  2. lopezrene Says:

    My favorite film from 2011 so far. I’m a more enthusiastic about Clooney’s work than you are, but I definitely think you’re right in singling out Woodley’s work in this.

  3. wordschat Says:

    I liked Descendants less than you John. As I said in a recap blog posting I found the movie rather predictable. I differ too in that I found Nick Krause who plays Sid to be much more than a comedic foil. He is the voice of reason at some moments where it counts. There is as much depth to his role as that of the eldest daughter. Still overall I doubt I’ll remember the movie is a month or two.

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