My Least Favorite Movies of 2011

The year has been over for a little while So here’s my least favorite movies of the year list (I only have seven). For the record there are a lot of bad movies that I didn’t see. One more thing, not all of the following movies are awful, but none of them are good.

1. Battle: Los Angeles: Zero character development. Zero story. Horribly filmed action scenes. I couldn’t tell what was going on and I didn’t care. I could not wait for this movie to be over. This is the only movie I’ve ever seen that I don’t consider to be art. Can someone explain to me why some people like this movie?

2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: So long. So dull. I didn’t even hate the first two but this one was just awful. Some people praise the hour-long non-stop action sequence at the end. And there is some cool stuff to look at, but they cut away from each shot so quickly that you can’t appreciate any of it.

3. Just Go with It: Unfunny and incredibly unbelievable in away. Adam Sandler needs to come to terms with the fact that he can’t do comedy anymore. Thank God I didn’t see Jack and Jill.

4. Trespass: I don’t feel like talking about this one. Just read my review.

5. The Roommate: This is a horror movie that seemed like it wasn’t even attempting to be scary for the first half. Then the second tried to be scary, but it still wasn’t scary. Oh well. At least it wasn’t boring.

6. Sucker Punch: Here’s a movie I was looking forward to. The trailer was cool but the movie itself, not so much. The acting isn’t that good and I didn’t really care about what was going on. The only thing that keeps it from being awful is the great visuals. But it’s still no good.

7. The Green Hornet: Not a terrible movie but kind of just a mediocre one. There are a couple of good things about it like Christoph Waltz. But Seth Rogen is totally miscast and the movie the just gets tiresome after a while.

And that’s my list. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

By: John D’Amico

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3 Comments on “My Least Favorite Movies of 2011”

  1. wordschat Says:

    Some stickers for sure. Glad I missed most of them.

  2. I did enjoy reading it! And I’m glad you skipped Jack and Jill. Maybe if everyone would just take a moment and think, no one would ever see Sandler’s movies again and the world would be just a little bit better off.

    Thanks for the article!

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