FBI Pilot Review


Dick Wolf has made quite the career for himself with these network TV crime dramas. He’s covered the basics of the courtroom on the original “Law & Order.” He’s examined the Special Victims Unit on you know what show.

So what next? Well, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of course. And it looks like he has another good show on his hands with this one.

Our premiere episode starts by introducing two young boys who are brothers. We don’t see too much of them here. But it’s enough for the episode to make it feel like we’re watching two real kids.

Then, the unexpected happens. A bomb goes off in a sequence with some impressive visual and sound effects editing.

And after the title card, we meet our protagonist, FBI Agent Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym). Peregrym gives a solid if not at times basic performance.

After a second explosion, the youngest of the two brothers is left dead. Here we get our compelling side-plot for the episode: the victim’s mother blaming Maggie for her son’s death.

Maggie is admittedly not the most original character for this type of show. She’s a strong woman who uses her work to hide her emotions. But it’s still handled in a way where it mostly works.

The rest of the episode is a somewhat typical story of the team trying to find their culprit. This show is hardly “True Detective” as far as how to tell these  kinds of stories. But we get a few interesting themes in this episode that work pretty well.

What else is there? Well, Maggie gets a good backstory that we’ll definitely learn more about in the future. Although, the rest of the main cast are lacking in development for the time being.

Overall, it’s a good first episode that sets everything up well while also telling it’s own well-written stand-alone story. I could definitely see myself watching this show again.

7 out of 10.

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