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Trespass Movie Review (DVD)

November 9, 2011

Trespass is the new crime thriller from director Joel Schumacher. Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman star as a wealthy married couple with a rebellious teenage daughter (Liana Liberato). One day their home gets invaded by a team of burglars who then hold the family for ransom.

Cage and Kidman definitely have some moments of decent acting. But when the time comes for them to act emotionally, they start to really overact. It gets pretty ridiculous and borderline silly.

The villains in this movie are not very threatening. Without spoiling anything, they make so many decisions that come off as really idiotic and it’s hard to take them seriously. I also had some trouble telling them apart sometimes. There wasn’t really much time taken to develop any of them on an individual level. I couldn’t even figure out who the main bad guy was.

There are times when the movie is very poorly shot and edited. At times it’s hard to see what’s going and therefore it’s difficult to get sucked into the story.

Throughout the film, the main characters are in constant danger yet I never was really concerned about them. We don’t really learn much about them. So they didn’t feel very real. There were a few moments where I kind of cared about them, but for the most part, I didn’t.

And this is just a small thing, but did anyone think that the way Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman were dressed in this movie seemed a little bit off? It looked they were in another decade or something. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

This isn’t like a movie that made me angry or I couldn’t handle watching or something like that, but it’s not good. I recommend that you don’t watch it, unless you want, I guess you can. But I’m warning you, you might not like it.

So my overall rating for Trespass is a 3.5/10.

By: John D’Amico


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